Today in Hot Writing Utensils: the Gilt Pen

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As someone who spends lots of time making the rounds in NYC’s tech community, I meet lots of people who live squarely in the future. Programmers, product managers, UX designers, database administrators, pythons (well, Pythonistas), and other technologists who use complex, costly machines to develop exciting new ways for all of us to communicate better and faster. People who carry fancy, expensive iThings in their pockets, invent cutting-edge technologies, and sometimes even build their own hardware.

And yet when I give them a Gilt pen, they seem just as impressed as if I had presented them with an iPhone made of (real) gold. “This pen is awesome,” is a common response. “Wow, slick pen,” is another. They hold their new pen and turn it over and over in their hand, examining its matte finish and decidedly straightforward, simple design. It is as though they rediscover the beauty of the pen all over again.

When I run into a past pen recipient, they frequently update me on how their pen is doing. “Love that pen!” they tell me enthusiastically, usually with a big smile. They say that it’s become their go-to pen. Many people ask for another one in preparation for that inevitable day when their beloved Gilt pen runs out of ink. Others ask for a pen to give to their friend or spouse. They want to spread the magic–the magic of the Gilt pen.

Do you own a Gilt pen? What have you written with it? Charts for mapping out your next big-data project? Statistical analyses? Rent checks? A love letter? Poems? Feel free to drop me a line at lapple at gilt dot com to share your stories.

Photo by @wookiehangover, who tweets: “Even ’s pens make me feel under-dressed”

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