Catch Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch's Talk at Meetup HQ

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Whether he’s talking about the geologic time scale of Gilt’s view layer or teaching us how to scale happiness horizontally, Gilt Lead Engineer Mark Wunsch reliably brings some fresh insights and big-picture perspective to whatever presentation topic he chooses. This month he’s the featured speaker of’s Tech Talks–a relatively new series for NYC-area software engineers, mobile developers, and other technologists. Mark will discuss Handlebars.scala (aka Scandlebars, Scandalbars, and–if you’re Elton John–“Scandles in the Wind…bars")–a Scala implementation of Handlebars and extension to (and superset of) the Mustache templating language. More about the talk:

Handlebars is a “logicless” templating language. Fed up with bloated JSPs, we wanted to experiment with rendering more of Gilt’s customer-facing web experience client-side. Handlebars.js was the perfect fit for the browser, but we thought, “how can we leverage this on the server-side?” What follows is the tale of how an intrepid front-end engineer, versed in JavaScript and Ruby, began his journey into Scala. This talk will discuss Scala Parser Combinators and the challenges of bridging programming language paradigms. What began as an experimental toy is now responsible for rendering some of the most crucial elements of the user experience–and it’s open source.

The meetup takes place on Mon 9/30 at Meetup HQ; RSVP here.

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