Gilt Data's on a Mini-Tour This Week

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Today Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert is appearing at the Big Data Innovation Summit (“the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives”) in Boston to give a presentation on visualizing the wisdom of the crowd. Details:

“Calculating co-purchase affinities between product categories, brands, and price groups requires analysis of all the transactions collected by the company. Working with affinities based on co-view requires looking into every click. It’s a big data undertaking, but after all the number crunching is done, how to present information to a business user in a meaningful way? We will showcase some approaches Gilt’s data team uses to visualize and navigate information gleaned from the ‘wisdom of the crowd.”

Big Data Innovation isn’t Igor’s only conference appearance this week. Tomorrow afternoon he’ll be at the New York Academy of Medicine for the annual DataGotham conference: a full day of networking, talks, and other activities for the NYC/metro-area data science community. Igor will join representatives from Harvard, Yale, Goldman Sachs, and other prestigious places you’ve heard of in giving a short talk. Igor’s presentation starts at 12:50 PM; you can find the full schedule here.

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