It's Hat Day!

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“Team Ninja will be wearing hats next Thursday. Because we can,” read the email from Software Engineering Stylisto/headwear connoisseur Nathan Stilwell. “We don’t want anyone to feel left out of the brilliant joy. So we invite you to join us…If your heart demands that you express yourself by donning a fedora, boater, bucket, panama, bowler, beaver, homburg, trilby, turban, fez, kasa, pith helmet, ball cap, or anything else than can be worn on your head …This is happening for no reason, so please do not reply to this email asking why.”

Our Dublin office kicked off the Hat Day festivities with a puppy, a cat, and some transatlantic love for the Yankees and Blue Jays: image

At some point during the day, VP Technology Roland Tritsch (seen in the above photo at lower right, in pink shirt) traded his cap for the cat hat. Well, wouldn’t you?: image

Have you ever heard the joke that starts: “A pirate, the Monopoly man, and Indiana Jones’ son walk into a meeting …”?image Or how about the one that goes, “A pirate, a man who had recently vacationed in Mexico, and …” eh, never mind: image

Gilt City engineer Michael Reed and Inflatables Team Lead T-Rex:


These guys from the 1940s heard about Hat Day and time-traveled so they could participate:


Queen of Internal Communications Nikki Hotvedt knows how to work a crown. Yeah whatever, Elizabeth II:


Gilt Lead Software Engineer/Lead Origami Hat Engineer Mark Wunsch and Hat Day promoter Nathan Stilwell:


Telecommuter Leelu Powell:


All the hats together now:


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