Play! meetup recap

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On Wednesday, around 70 Play framework enthusiasts visited Gilt’s 2 Park Ave. office in NYC for the Play NYC meetup group’s “Async Coding in Play and Scala” talk, featuring LinkedIn engineer Jim Brikman. To add to our earlier post about the meetup: Jim’s discussion of Play’s non-blocking IO nature.

  • Seeing identical Play-powered functionality implemented in both Java and Scala highlighted how much more efficient and concise Scala is.
  • Play and Scala are a great match, especially when it comes to async coding, mostly due to functions being first-class citizens, and having access to great syntax “candy” such as sequence comprehensions.
  • If you are stuck in Javaland but want to write more async code and not drown in boilerplate, check out ParSeq.

Check out the slides from Jim’s talk here.

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