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Gilt Tech is proud to announce that the Project Management Committee at Apache CloudStack has invited Gilt cofounder Phong Nguyen to become a committer. Phong’s new role, writes PMC member David Nalley, is “a recognition of his participation … and commitment to the project and the Apache Way.” As a committer, Phong will be able to submit changes autonomously and commit directly to the master branch. “The CloudStack community is a great bunch of folks,“ Phong says, "and we’re excited to be a part of that community and be able to help out.”

Phong started working on the CloudStack project early this year, after Gilt Tech’s infrastructure and engineering team held a summit at our Dublin office to discuss private cloud solutions. Our team was looking for a virtualization technology that could manage our virtual machines while sustaining even performance under high load each day at noon EST. We were also looking for a new user interface and API. The team tested Linux Containers (LXC), a virtual systems mechanism that groups multiple processes into lightweight containers and runs them off the same kernel. Our engineers liked LXC, especially because it has near bare metal performance when running multiple containers.

As part of our effort to fully automate our deployment system, Gilt’s engineers also considered a variety of cloud orchestration software to manage VMs. “CloudStack really stood out for us during our evaluations, but it didn’t support LXC,” Phong says. “We decided to move forward with the best fit and add LXC support to CloudStack.” Phong took the lead on the LXC project–“my first major open source contribution,” he says. As part of his work, Phong asked questions on CloudStack forums, attended gatherings of the CloudStack NYC User Group, read mailing lists, and attended Apache’s North American conference earlier this year. In April, he submitted the patch (and related documentation) to officially add LXC to CloudStack. As a side benefit of his work, he met members of the CloudStack PMC, who invited him to become a committer in May.

Phong’s LXC work is slated for release in CloudStack 4.2 (the current version is 4.1). He’s looking forward to being a committer, he says. “I’m thrilled that the CloudStack project accepted our patches. We are currently very bullish on CloudStack and LXC and look forward to more open source tooling to support the platform as a service.”

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