Virtualization at Gilt: A Lightning Talk for NYC DevOps (Video, Slides)

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Last night I attended the NYC DevOps meetup at Datadog’s office (located just around the corner from Gilt HQ) to give a lightning talk on “Virtualization at Gilt.” I chose this topic in order to highlight Gilt’s growing use of virtualization to improve how efficiently we handle resources and make our processes more reliable. My presentation covered some of the major technologies we use as part of our virtualization efforts and the rationale for our choices. Here’s the slideshow:

In addition to me and fellow Gilt Techie Danny Meidell, other speakers and attendees came from Datadog, McGraw-Hill, Red Hat and other companies. NYC DevOps requested that presentations conform to the Ignite’s style of 20 slides in five minutes (with 15 seconds per slide). It was pretty easy to adjust to the timing requirements, and I liked the format overall because it enabled all of us to quickly learn about a number of different topics. The presentations were solid, and I got a few ideas to bring back to Gilt Tech. Thanks to NYC DevOps for organizing a great meetup! – Rangarajan Radhakrishnan, Senior DevOps Engineer.

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