Gilt Mobile Web Nav Redesigned

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Yesterday (April 23, 2013), I sent to production the third phase of the Gilt Mobile Web ( redesign. In this phase, I updated the primary and secondary nav on the mobile web so that there is (hopefully!) a much better user experience. And like the first and second phase of the redesign, the goal with the nav redesign was to incorporate learnings taken from the Gilt iPhone App experience.

Here are some before and after screenshots:


On the Sales Listing Page, you’ll see that I moved the stores menu from above the primary nav to below it. This gives the overall navigation a hierarchy that was not present earlier. You’ll also notice that the nav feels less busy because the buttons in the primary nav are more concise.


In the Product Listing Page, you’ll see that the back button was changed and that the title of the sale occupies the secondary nav. This allows the user to easily know in which store she is. In the future, the secondary nav on the product listing page will disappear as the user scrolls down.


On the Product Detail Page, I tightened the primary nav a little more and there is still no secondary nav.



On the checkout page, I changed the styling of the Cart and Submit button. The colors now match the style that persists throughout the entire Gilt Mobile Web experience. And, the lock is gone. Our site is still secure regardless whether the lock is there or not.

Let me know what you think!


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