Working with Time Series Data

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Life in Gilt Tech involves much lively discussion on KPIs, consequently we spend a lot of time looking at time series data.

We use a variety of tools to manipulate and present this type of data, including R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

To help us through the process of standardizing the way we represent our KPIs we have developed a simple, R based open-source utility for easily representing time series data originating from a variety of sources.

If you think you might find this useful, or you’d like to contribute, check out the time series project on github, and the examples below.


Example: a thumbnail showing acme revenue by time:

plot_time_series --width=500 --height=400 --x_spacing="2 months" --csv_filename=test_data/acme_revenue.csv --point_color=gray80 --sunday_point_color=gray80  --remove_outliers --smoothness=0.8 --y_line="35000:Target" --y_prefix="$"


Example: the same revenue data shown in more detail

plot_time_series --width=1200 --height=700 --x_spacing=week --csv_filename=test_data/acme_revenue.csv --title="Acme Revenue: %s to %s" --remove_outliers --y_line="25000:Target for 2012:gold3!36000:Target for 2013:gold2!42000:Target for 2014:gold1" --y_prefix="$"


More plot time series examples and documentation …

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