Public API Language Bindings, Round 2

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There’s been even more work done getting the Gilt API wrapped up in language bindings over the past two weeks and I’m here to present the newest to you in case any of them tickle your fancy.

gilt_api_php is a PHP client written by Gilt Tech member Dan Revel. This library has tests and a demo app to get you started on downloading and featuring sales and products in no time.

Gilt-Java, by Gilt Tech’s very own Nitin Dhar, is of course a Java library for the Public API. Nitin is working on some Android compatibility so mobile app developers don’t need to remain glued to our iOS bindings!

gilt-python is a brand new Python library brewed here at Gilt by engineer Andrew Ellerton. If you’re working in Python, give it a try and see how you like it!

We’re hard at work on compiling a permanent directory of client libraries like the ones we’ve featured on this blog and some of the applications people have built already. Email us soon if you have something you want to see included!

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