Building Great Tech Teams: 12 Critical Questions

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I recently had the pleasure of talking at First Capital’s CTO summit. I hosted an interactive discussion on team building for around 100 CTOs and VPEs of small to medium sized, venture backed technology companies.

Here’s how the audience voted on 12 critical questions:

#1: Should you hire specialists or generalists? (52 Votes)

#2: Are job-relevant Degrees Necessary? (49 Votes)

#3: What are your thoughts on remote employees? (55 Votes)

#4: If you’ve offshored work, how successful have you been? (50 Votes)

#5: How much experience do you require? (51 Votes)

#6: Do you focus on hiring all A-players? (46 Votes)

#7: What’s your typical process for evaluating candidates before bringing them in? (45 Votes)

#8: What is the best technique for testing for technical chops? (55 Votes)

#9: What’s the best way to source great talent? (39 Votes)

#10: How fast should you hire? (39 Votes)

#11: Is it worth checking references? (45 Votes)

#12: How much should you sell to a candidate? (44 Votes)

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