Meet the Gilt Tech Office Horse

HBC Tech JAN 24, 2014

You’ve heard of stress-relieving office dogs and chief office mousers–now meet Giovanni, Gilt Tech’s official office horse.  He’s none too affectionate, but very low-maintenance. Whenever he gets bored, he calls his friends on his land-line.

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs Gives His "New York Tech View" for 2014

HBC Tech JAN 21, 2014

Recently AlleyWatch asked Steve to talk about what 2013 was like for Gilt, what 2014 will bring for the New York City tech community, and what he expects will happen for the NYC tech scene now that Mayor Bill de Blasio is in charge. Check out the full interview here!

Some Special Guests from Typesafe and the Akka Team Joined Us for Dinner

HBC Tech JAN 21, 2014

Welcome Chavdar Chernashki!

HBC Tech JAN 21, 2014

We’re happy to have Chavdar Chernashki join our team in Dublin! Before joining Gilt, Chavdar worked on a highly scalable notification system based on WebSockets, REST and InfiniSpan. Prior to that he worked at AOL on a real-time bidding technology platform for advertisers. His favorite technologies at the moment are Scala, Closure and Groovy. When it comes to developing software, simplicity is what he strives for and appreciates. Outside of...

"Scaling Gilt" at Gilt: NYC Tech Talks Comes to 2 Park

HBC Tech JAN 15, 2014

The crowd from last night’s NYC Tech Talks event at Gilt–not an empty seat in the house! Last night a standing-room only (!) crowd of software engineers, CTOs and other technologists came to our Manhattan office to catch “Scaling Gilt: From Monolithic Ruby App to Distributed Scala Micro-Services,” a tech talk by our very own Yoni Goldberg. Yoni, a lead software engineer on our personalization team, gave a lively presentation...

Welcome Archana Kumar!

HBC Tech JAN 14, 2014

Archana Kumar is a front-end engineer who recently joined our Gilt City team in NYC. Originally from India, she went to college in Melbourne, Australia and did her graduate studies at NYU. She’s excited to be working on the Gilt tech team, and has already earned a playful nickname around the office: “Who’s That?"  She has one dog, one husband, and a side career as a web-comic artist.

The Guardian Interviews Gilt CEO Michelle Peluso

HBC Tech JAN 13, 2014

Welcome Deirdre O'Brien!

HBC Tech JAN 13, 2014

A Brief Chat with NYC Machine Learning Organizer Paul Dix

HBC Tech JAN 10, 2014

On Thursday, January 16, Gilt VP Personalization Erik Lumer will be the featured presenter at the NYC Machine Learning group’s monthly meetup. Erik will talk about the art of personalization in flash ecommerce–covering the unique challenges for personalization posed by an online flash sale business, the methods that Gilt has tested to foster novelty in the recommendations of personally relevant products, and other related topics. RSVP here if you’d like...

Watch: Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek at Startup Grind NYC

HBC Tech JAN 9, 2014

Last month Gilt Co-Founder/CTO Michael Bryzek was the featured speaker at the monthly fireside chat organized by Startup Grind NYC,  the local chapter of the global Startup Grind community for entrepreneurs. “A full house for sure, but this was definitely our first event where fashion insiders may have outnumbered techies,” writes Startup Grind Community Manager Khari Parson. “One thing founders and fashion types can both agree on is that Gilt...

Catch Gilt at the Next NYC Tech Talent Draft Event on Jan. 28!

HBC Tech JAN 8, 2014

We’re excited to tell you that Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will serve as a panelist at the New York City Economic Development Corporation’s next NYC Tech Talent Draft panel. Steve earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Columbia, and will join executives from Adobe, BuzzFeed, Fog Creek Software, and other top tech companies on the panel. He and other panelists will discuss “a day in the life” of a tech...

Come to NYC Tech Talks at Gilt on January 14!

HBC Tech JAN 6, 2014

Pictured: Yoni pouring the first glass of cold brew coffee from our in-house kegerator. NYC Tech Talks is one of New York City’s top meetup groups for technologists who write and test code or work with servers, so we’re very excited to be hosting their next meetup on Tuesday, Jan. 14. Even more exciting for us is that our very own Yoni Goldberg will be the featured presenter! A lead...

paypal at gilt groupe

HBC Tech DEC 31, 2013

As an engineer on Gilt’s back office team, one of the most exciting projects I worked on in 2013 was incorporating PayPal into the Gilt shopping experience. Exciting, because we knew that many of our members sought the option to make purchases with PayPal. A few months ago we rolled out PayPal support on,, and in Gilt’s iPhone application. Our implementation uses PayPal Express Checkout to establish a...

Register for Sauce Labs' Next Webinar: "Automating Mobile Testing at Gilt with Appium"

HBC Tech DEC 30, 2013

Calling all mobile developers: go here to register for Sauce Labs’ next free webinar, featuring Gilt Mobile Engineer Matt Isaacs and Sauce Director of Sales Engineering Mike Redman. Matt will discuss how the Gilt mobile team has used Sauce Labs’ Appium tool to automate our mobile testing, and how our testing practices have evolved over time. Following Matt’s presentation will be a Q&A. The webinar takes place inside your computer...

Welcome Giancarlo Silvestrin!

HBC Tech DEC 20, 2013

Scenes From Our SQL Class

HBC Tech DEC 20, 2013

Here’s Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert leading his free Big Data Analysis with SQL class at our Manhattan office on Wednesday. Nearly 40 non-Gilt software engineers, data analysts and technologists joined 10 Gilt employees for the course (did I mention that it was FREE?). Thanks to everyone who attended! Keep watching this space for upcoming announcements about free tech courses at Gilt in 2014. Meantime, check out some more...

(Some of) the Gilt Personalization Team's Favorite Things of 2013

HBC Tech DEC 19, 2013

2013 was a banner year for Gilt’s personalization team. In addition to making headlines in September with the launch of personalized sales, the team grew, got around a bit, and worked on a variety of exciting initiatives–some of which we’re not quite ready to unveil. Look for some announcements in 2014! Generally speaking, 2013 proved to be a breakthrough year for personalization and relevant technologies. Here are a few noteworthy personalization-...

A Full Stack--and a Full House

HBC Tech DEC 19, 2013

On Tuesday night Gilt hosted our last evening tech event of the year: the second-ever gathering of the Full-Stack Engineering Meetup. What an amazing turnout! More than 100 software engineers (including 19 Gilt technologists), tech execs, and programming students braved the chilly temps and icy sidewalks to spend a few hours at our 2 Park office eating pizza, chatting about coding, and listening to some great technical presentations. We’re super-excited...

Gilt Insider the 5th-Best Retail Loyalty Program of 2013, Says

HBC Tech DEC 18, 2013

Santa Claus Comes to Gilt

HBC Tech DEC 18, 2013

Yesterday Santa Claus stopped by our Park Avenue office to meet with our tech team and ask us about our shipping operations. Seems that Santa has become frustrated with his traditional delivery-by-reindeer approach and wanted some of our expert opinions on how to distribute presents to people faster and with less chafing (from the chimneys, obvs) and false burglary arrests (when chimney entry isn’t possible). We were surprised to find...

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