Scenes from the Annual Encryption Key Ceremony at Gilt

HBC Tech FEB 18, 2014

Let Gilt Engineer Nathan Stilwell School You on WebSockets on 2/18

HBC Tech FEB 14, 2014

Two hundred NYC-area engineers have already RSVPed for next Tuesday’s Full-Stack Engineering meetup at Gilt–how exciting! Even more exciting: Gilt software engineer Nathan Stilwell (pictured above) is one of the evening’s three featured speakers. Nathan, a front-end engineer who is part of Gilt’s amazing Ninjas team, will give a presentation on WebSockets and how we’ve used them successfully to create real-time applications that require full duplex communication. Nathan’s talk will...

Looker @ Gilt Presentation (Includes Slideshow)

HBC Tech FEB 12, 2014

Gilt Hosting the First Looker User Group Meetup Tonight

HBC Tech FEB 11, 2014

Tonight the Gilt Data Team hosts the first-ever Looker User Group meetup in NYC! Looker is a data tool that we’re excited about at Gilt–it does a great job of  providing easy access to information, and is helping us to make our data more accessible to everyone company-wide. “Seriously, everyone,” says Gilt Director of Data Engineering Geoff Guerdat. “And it does this while maintaining data definitions, which is important if you’re...

"Lucene/Solr: The Default Search Engine for Hadoop" Meetup at Gilt This Wednesday

HBC Tech FEB 10, 2014

Fancy Cheese Friday

HBC Tech FEB 7, 2014

Several months ago we taught you how to do high tea the Gilt tech way. Now we show you how to celebrate cheese: Fancy Cheese Friday. Masterminded by Gilt software engineer Robert Brazier, Fancy Cheese Friday brings together non-vegan and lactose-tolerant Gilt technologists to rediscover the magic that is cheese. Today’s gathering–the second in our history–involved the following cheeses: Kolan hard-pressed cow milk cheese Lorenzo of Cazenovia, NY Guggisberg Baby...

Produce a Great Tech Talk by Asking Yourself (and Answering!) These Questions

HBC Tech FEB 6, 2014

Members of the Gilt engineering team give lots of technical presentations at meetups, conferences, our in-house gatherings, and online. How do we make sure that our content is “tech” enough to interest experienced engineers? And how do we confidently tell the most compelling stories possible? With these concerns in mind, I’ve created this list of questions to ask while planning and preparing a tech talk. All of you engineers out...

Gilt Software Engineer Miguel Fajardo Wrote a Children's Book?!

HBC Tech FEB 6, 2014

The things you learn from Facebook about your co-workers: Yesterday some of us Gilt techsters discovered that our colleague, Miguel Angel Fajardo–a lead software engineer on our back office team–is a published author! In 2010, Miguel wrote Las Aventuras de Sela, a Spanish-language, illustrated book for kids ages seven to 12. Sela (also available in eBook format) tells the tale of a seal who must relocate after pollution makes her...

Gilt Tech Lunchtime TV Break: Watching Typesafe's Latest Webinar

HBC Tech FEB 5, 2014

Action Shot: A group of Gilt software engineers gathered ‘roun the television this afternoon to watch Typesafe’s “Introducing Slick 2.0.0” webinar. We’re considering using Slick in one of our new projects and found the webinar really helpful–especially the use cases that Slick tech lead/instructor Stefan Zeiger provided. “Stefan provides an example of a fairly complicated for-comprehension using Slick, and his slides make what is happening under the sugar easy to...

Next Free Tech Course at Gilt: Scala for Beginners

HBC Tech FEB 4, 2014

Last summer some of the engineers on Gilt’s Dublin team created and delivered their own full-day, beginners-level Scala course–not just once but twice. The course reviews from our Scala students–all experienced Java programmers–were quite stellar: “Brilliant course and instructors, very glad to have had the opportunity.” Really fantastic venue and team, one of the most enjoyable experiences. Highly recommended.“ The genuine enthusiasm our lecturers had for Scala, programming, teaching and...

Welcome Mike Melton!

HBC Tech JAN 30, 2014

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs @ the Columbia/NYC Tech Talent Draft

HBC Tech JAN 29, 2014

Last night Gilt CIO and Columbia alum Steve Jacobs (PhD, Electrical Engineering) visited his alma mater to participate in a lively panel discussion hosted by the NYC Tech Talent Draft. Steve joined representatives from Buzzfeed, Adobe, Fog Creek Software and other top NYC tech companies in answering questions about how to land a tech job in NYC, the kinds of exciting challenges that professional engineers get to work on and...

Fat Stacks and Fat Sandwiches: Full-Stack Engineering Meetup at Gilt

HBC Tech JAN 29, 2014

Last night we welcomed the Full-Stack Engineering meetup back to 2 Park for another night of tech talks and good times! Founded in November 2013 by Director of Engineering Mike Boufford, Full-Stack promotes a modern and holistic approach to software development. Read our Q&A with Mike to learn more about this rapidly growing new meetup group for the NYC engineering community. Last night’s speakers–NBCUniversal Enterprise Architecture Manager Sam Boyer, HUGE...

Welcome Dana Romano!

HBC Tech JAN 28, 2014

Gilt's Michael Bryzek Featured on the "Business of Technology" Podcast

HBC Tech JAN 27, 2014

Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek recently chatted with the folks from Chariot Solutions for their “Business of Technology” podcast series. Go here to here Michael talk about our early days as a company, our decision to adopt Scala, our transformation from a monolithic Ruby app to distributed Scala micro-services, and many other topics. Based in Philadelphia, Chariot is an IT consulting firm that also offers Scala training and holds...

A Few Things About Ping: a Play Framework Conference

HBC Tech JAN 27, 2014

Welcome Rory Haddon!

HBC Tech JAN 24, 2014

Catching up With Open Source Advocate Rocky Bernstein

HBC Tech JAN 24, 2014

Meet the Gilt Tech Office Horse

HBC Tech JAN 24, 2014

You’ve heard of stress-relieving office dogs and chief office mousers–now meet Giovanni, Gilt Tech’s official office horse.  He’s none too affectionate, but very low-maintenance. Whenever he gets bored, he calls his friends on his land-line.

Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs Gives His "New York Tech View" for 2014

HBC Tech JAN 21, 2014

Recently AlleyWatch asked Steve to talk about what 2013 was like for Gilt, what 2014 will bring for the New York City tech community, and what he expects will happen for the NYC tech scene now that Mayor Bill de Blasio is in charge. Check out the full interview here!

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