What's for Brunch?

HBC Tech APR 11, 2014

The Gilt tech team celebrated the end of another productive week with a bagels, bubbly and brined salmon! To carry the “things that begin with B” theme to its logical conclusion, one of our #bigdata books showed up as well. Happy Friday!

Shmock Gets a Shout-out

HBC Tech APR 11, 2014

Thanks to Alex Gorbatchev at npm awesome for blogging about Shmock, Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky’s Express-Based HTTP Mocking Library for Node.js! “Being able to mock APIs is a very powerful tool for BDD,” Alex writes. “You can prototype, design and test your consumer before implementing a line of code.”

Welcome Fidan Kasra!

HBC Tech APR 9, 2014

Yesterday we introduced you to Program Manager Justin Vitale and his favorite furnishings. Today we welcome Fidan Kasra, who also joins our Program Management Office as a Senior Program Manager! Fidan will be working with our distribution team, which is part of Gilt’s Back Office.Originally from Texas, Fidan just moved to New York City from Germany, where she worked at a major ecommerce company as a project manager in charge...

Welcome Justin Vitale!

HBC Tech APR 8, 2014

  We’re excited to add Justin Vitale to Gilt’s Program Management Office! Justin joined Gilt in May 2011 as a member of our IT department, and very recently made the switch to our PMO. He’ll continue working on IT projects and bringing along his fancy furniture, including his red velvet rope, wherever he goes. Originally (“and proudly!”) from the Jersey Shore, Justin has lived in NYC since 2007. Outside of...

Going the Extra Mile (More than 200 Extra Miles, Actually ....)

HBC Tech APR 7, 2014

Bronx Academy of Software Engineering Students Visited Gilt!

HBC Tech APR 3, 2014

Gilt Co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek to Keynote PGConf NYC

HBC Tech APR 2, 2014

Tomorrow and Friday (April 3-4) United States PostgreSQL and the NYC PostgreSQL User Group (NYPUG) host the annual PGConf NYC–two days of keynotes, lightning talks, and idea-swapping for the Postgres community. We’re honored that Gilt co-founder/CTO Michael Bryzek is one of the opening keynote speakers; Michael presents tomorrow morning at 10:10 AM and will discuss Gilt’s ongoing work with Postgres. Other don’t-miss PGConf speakers include PostgreSQL: Introduction and Concepts author Bruce...

BigChat and Other Highlights from Last Week's Cassandra Workshop

HBC Tech MAR 31, 2014

Thumbs up to a Great Git/GitHub Skills Class

HBC Tech MAR 27, 2014

Here’s GitHub trainer/NYC tech scene dynamo Peter Bell hard at work teaching today’s Git and GitHub skills class at our 2 Park Avenue office! More than 50 students from Gilt, Adobe, Twitter, Webgrrls, the Park Slope Food Co-Op and other companies attended today’s all-day skills session. Thanks to Peter and fellow GitHub hacker/TA-for-today Aidan Feldman for putting on such a great class!

A Special Guest (and Familiar Face!) Visits With Gilt's Women Technologists

HBC Tech MAR 26, 2014

Earlier this week Gilt’s women technologists had a sit-down with Shan-Lyn Ma, co-founder and CEO of the new wedding registry company Zola.com. Formerly of Gilt–as a product manager and then general manager, she helped launch several Gilt products, including our iPhone and iPad apps–Shan met with Gilt’s women technologists for some cupcakes, fancy bubblies, and an inspiring conversation about her experiences as an entrepreneur. Gilt’s tech women had so many...

Meet a Gilt Micro-Service #1: svc-inventory-request

HBC Tech MAR 26, 2014

svc-inventory-request helps us handle our modelling photography Hi, everyone! This is the start of a (hopefully) regular series in which we take a closer look at Gilt micro-services: the hundreds of services that together make up our distributed, Scala-built micro-services architecture. For each installment, I’ll pull a random repo from Gerrit and interview a Gilt technologist about the relevant micro-service. Together we’ll learn more about what micro-services are and what...

The 2014 Gilt Plasma Prix: The Movie

HBC Tech MAR 25, 2014

Last month we told you about the Gilt Plasma Prix: a race pitting our ten fastest PlasmaCar racers from NYC and Dublin against each other in a bid for glory, fame, and modestly sized trophies. Here’s the official epic documentary! Thanks to videographer Christi Clifford for capturing all the thrills and excitement of the event.

Gilt Japan's Gilt City App Goes Fully Responsive

HBC Tech MAR 25, 2014

The Gilt Japan team just launched a brand-new, fully responsive Gilt City website. Some screenshots: New Ticket Vouchers on Mobile! A brand-new sale page for desktop:

Gilt Lunches with Adrian Cockcroft of Battery Ventures

HBC Tech MAR 21, 2014

A few weeks ago the Gilt technology team learned via Twitter user Martin that Adrian Cockcroft featured Gilt’s micro-services architecture in his presentation at QCon London. Adrian is the former Chief Architect for High Performance Technical Computing at Sun Microsystems (and author of the best-selling Sun Performance and Tuning book), founding member of eBay Research Labs, former Cloud Architect at Netflix (he helped lead Netflix’s migration to a large scale,...

Use ETCD as a Filesystem With ETCD-FS!

HBC Tech MAR 20, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky is a fan of ETCD: CoreOS’s extremely powerful, highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery, inspired by Apache ZooKeeper* and written in Go. Jon thought it would be great if ETCD could also be used as a filesystem. Companies that have already deployed apps that read a configuration file from a local filesystem might want to load these config files to...

How We Scale Our Push Notification System with Akka: NYMAD Comes to Gilt

HBC Tech MAR 20, 2014

Welcome Kevin Li!

HBC Tech MAR 19, 2014

Jon's Latest Open Source Project: Go-Supertest, HTTP Assertions Made Easy for Go

HBC Tech MAR 19, 2014

Gilt Principal Systems Engineer Jonathan Leibiusky and his friend Marcos Nils love TJ Holowaychuk’s Supertest module for Node.js and wanted something similar for Go… so they created it! Go-Supertest keeps HTTP testing in Go plain and simple and works in combination with GoReq, Jon and Marcos’ “simple and sane” HTTP request library. Check it out! (Then go here to learn more about Goblin, their Golang testing framework.

Meet a Gilt Technologist: Andrew Duffy, Senior Software Engineer/Dublin

HBC Tech MAR 18, 2014

How did you get to Gilt?In late 2011, I was working as a contractor at another eCommerce company, and Gilt was at the end-stage of opening its Dublin office. A Gilt recruiter contacted me, and a few months later–in May 2012–I started here. What were you hired on to do?At first I was hired on to be a performance engineer, then I almost immediately switched to infrastructure engineering. Did you...

Our Next Free Gilt Tech Course: Git & GitHub Skills with GitHub on March 27

HBC Tech MAR 17, 2014

If you just can’t wait until April 4 to spend the day learning Hadoop with us for free, here’s some good news: You can spend the day with us a week earlier! On Thursday, March 27, GitHub trainer Peter Bell stops by 2 Park Avenue to help us all work with Git and GitHub more effectively. In this fast-paced, full-day course, we’ll dig into: configuration three-stage thinking renaming and deleting...

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