A Very Special Guest Visited Gilt This Afternoon

HBC Tech MAY 19, 2014

We’re definitely getting this week off to an unforgettable start!: Here’s Scala creator and Typesafe Chairman Dr. Martin Odersky with the Gilt tech team earlier today. Dr. Odersky spent an hour answering our questions about Scala, Java 8, and much more. Later tonight he returns to 2 Park to give a talk on “Scala–The Simple Parts.” Many thanks to Dr. Odersky for his generosity, and to Typesafe for helping us...

Scaling Gilt with PostgreSQL: From One Database to Many (Case Study)

HBC Tech MAY 16, 2014

"Scala--The Simple Parts": Martin Odersky Presents at Gilt

HBC Tech MAY 16, 2014

Gilt is honored to announce that Dr. Martin Odersky will speak at our New York City office on Monday, May 19! Dr. Odersky will give a presentation titled “Scala–The Simple Parts,” answer questions from the audience, and sign copies of Programming in Scala and his other books. Immeasurable thanks to the team at Typesafe for making this event possible. Presentation: “Scala - The Simple Parts”In this talk, Dr. Odersky will...

"Mobile Engineering at Gilt" in Dublin on May 21

HBC Tech MAY 14, 2014

Gilt Senior Software Engineer Christine Yokoyama, who’s based in New York City and belongs to Gilt’s Webby Award-winning mobile team, will stop by Engine Yard’s Dublin office next Wednesday evening (6:30 PM) to give an overview of mobile engineering at Gilt. She’ll talk about some of the unique challenges that Gilt’s mobile team faces, the technologies we use, and much more. If you’re a Dublin iOS or Android developer, bring...

Gilt Presents at This Weekend's !!Con

HBC Tech MAY 14, 2014

"Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection": Gilt Engineer Eric Shepherd at EmpireJS (video)

HBC Tech MAY 13, 2014

Here’s Gilt Lead Software Engineer Eric Shepherd doing one of the many things he does well (besides epitomizing natty dressing): giving a tech talk! Eric spoke on the Monday afternoon of EmpireJS, a more detailed account of which you can find here.

JavaScript in the Empire State

HBC Tech MAY 13, 2014

The afternoon of Friday, May 2 found me on a packed-like-a-can-of-sardines, Brooklyn-bound E train headed for Jamaica, Queens to meet my brother, Jared. Based in Austin, Jared is a front-end developer for RetailMeNot, and he had blown his 2014 convention budget on JSConf, but decided that EmpireJS would be a half-decent excuse to take a vacation and come and see me. We spent the weekend enjoying the fine weather—a relief...

Welcome Chris Poenaru!

HBC Tech MAY 13, 2014

Our Next Free Class at Gilt: CartoDB on June 4

HBC Tech MAY 9, 2014

If you deal with location-based data or location-aware applications, then we’ve got just the FREE class for you: On June 4, Andrew Hill of CartoDB will teach an evening workshop at Gilt’s NYC office! CartoDB is a cloud-based mapping, analysis and visualization engine that enables users to build spatial applications for both mobile and the web. Major tech companies (Twitter), news organizations (National Geographic, The Guardian) governmental and intergovernmental organizations...

ReadWrite Profiles Gilt and Our "Insane" Traffic Spikes

HBC Tech MAY 8, 2014

The popular tech blog ReadWrite published a Q&A today with Gilt VP Architecture Eric Bowman in which Eric discusses our love of Scala and the Typesafe platform, our passion for open-source software, and the exciting technical challenges created by our super-intense, daily traffic spikes. A taster: RW: From a technical perspective, what makes Gilt unique? Why does Scala matter? EB: One of our key uniqueness factors is our flash-sales model, which produces...

Gilt Helps to Judge Columbia's Annual Venture Competition

HBC Tech MAY 7, 2014

What do safe sanitation, home neutrophil-level testing, and production management software have in common? They’re all ideas driving the winning projects of the 2014 Columbia Venture Competition! Launched in 2009 by Columbia University's Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Competition drew 62 applications from current Columbia students and recent alumni this year. Six projects made the final round, judged by a team of NYC business leaders that included...

Gilt Lunchtime Tech Talk: Parse

HBC Tech MAY 7, 2014

Metro NY Covers Gilt's Free Tech Courses

HBC Tech MAY 7, 2014

Thanks to Metro NY reporter Andrea Park for featuring Gilt’s free tech courses in an article about where to learn programming for free in New York City. And speaking of free courses: Have you applied for our upcoming AngularJS class yet?

Welcome Kevin O'Riordan!

HBC Tech MAY 6, 2014

Gilt Presents at EmpireJS

HBC Tech MAY 5, 2014

The EmpireJS conference is officially underway, and Gilt is honored to be a part of it! Gilt Lead Software Engineer/in-house UI Architecture guru Eric Shepherd speaks at 4:10 PM today (May 5) on “Gadgets for Holistic Web Detection.” Gilt engineers Nathan Stilwell, Kevan Davis, Nabila Yusaf and Andrew Powell are also attending the conference, which takes place over two days at Location05.

Welcome Myron Miller!

HBC Tech MAY 2, 2014

Gilt Goes to XO Group

HBC Tech MAY 1, 2014

Here’s a shot of Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek presenting a lunchtime talk at XO Group, the media company behind The Knot, The Nest and other properties. Michael shared some of the lessons learned from scaling Gilt with XO’s staff. Thanks to Julia Schulhof for organizing this event!

Gilt Tech's First Game Night Was a Blast!

HBC Tech MAY 1, 2014

Last week Gilt’s tech team in New York City organized our first-ever game night! Headed up by Team Teaminess–our internal working group of #gilttech cultural evangelists–game night included 10 different games as well as health foods (tacos, pizza) and drinks (beer, seltzer water). Here are some photos of the fun! This Taboo game went on for hours …

Our Next Free Gilt Tech Course: AngularJS on May 22

HBC Tech MAY 1, 2014

Open-source, powerful and easy to use, AngularJS is an amazingly useful tool for developing web applications. We thought we’d learn more about it, and so we’ve invited Angular expert Chris Nelson of Gaslight to lead our next free tech course! On Thursday, May 22, Chris will teach us the essentials of working with Angular. In this fast-paced, full-day session, we’ll cover: Test-driven Angular (unit and end-to-end) Controllers and scopes Using...

Video and Photos From Last Night's Awesome Docker Panel at Gilt

HBC Tech APR 30, 2014

Check out this action shot of Gilt co-founder and CTO Michael Bryzek performing a live Docker deploy at last night’s panel discussion! Organized by Gilt and the Docker NYC meetup group, last night’s panel featured Michael as well as Docker VP of Services James Turnbull and DevTable/Quay co-founder Jacob Moshenko. Joining us at our 2 Park Avenue office were more than 120 engineers from Gilt and other companies, who were treated...

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