Responsive Retrospective

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2014

Gilt’s Special Operations Team recently spent five weeks creating a legacy Play app that’s responsive to the mobile device for both portrait and landscape orientations. After our team finished our work, we got together to recap what we’d done. We also decided to share with you what we learned while converting Gilt’s desktop experience into a beautiful responsive mobile experience that seemed natively designed. In this post–the first in a...

Gregor Brews Some "Anchorage Weissbier"

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2014

Gilt Principal Software Engineer Gregor Heine added a frothy finishing touch to last week’s 5@4 in Dublin by brewing up a batch of his homemade ale for the team. Gregor gave a brief “Intro to Homebrewing” course (to be cont’d in future 5@4s) and included a live demo as part of his instruction. Now the Dublin team has to wait two weeks to sample his work!

Look at Our Looker Hackathon

HBC Tech JUN 30, 2014

Our Data team held their very first Looker hackathon and kicked off what promises to be an exciting year-long project that will impact many different Gilt departments. Lead engineers and analysts from Looker came to our NYC office to help us throughout the day. “We started work and expanded on over 10 new data models in the tool,” says Gilt Business Intelligence Engineer George Chien. “We also identified several new...

Gilt's Hosting a Free SBT Workshop with Josh Suereth of Typesafe!

HBC Tech JUN 30, 2014

If you’re a NYC-area Scalasmith who can’t attend our July 3 Scala libraries course because you’re starting your patriotic gardenburger-grilling a day early, here’s another opportunity to learn Scala things at Gilt for free: On July 14, we’re hosting a free sbt workshop with Typesafe Senior Software Engineer Josh Suereth! Josh, the author of sbt in Action, will give an introduction to sbt and show how it can make your development...

Five Rules for Best-Practice Email Design

HBC Tech JUN 27, 2014

Email Build Specialist/Front-End Developer Lauren Ribando is one of the key people behind the creation of Gilt’s beautiful daily emails. Recently Sitepoint asked her to share some best practices for creating well-designed emails. Here’s an excerpt: At first, it might seem that the best way to preserve the design of an email is to throw it all in an image tag or slice it up into lots of images. Then...

We Found the Bob Ross-Mobile

HBC Tech JUN 27, 2014

#gilttech represents with the creator of all those Happy Little Trees! Earlier this afternoon a few of us went out for postage stamps (mail your July rent checks ASAP, everyone) and lunch and encountered this Bob Ross-ified moving truck parked about a block away from our NYC office. Here’s another shot: Happy Little Friday, everyone!

Welcome Anders Holm!

HBC Tech JUN 27, 2014

Gilt's Next Free Tech Course in Dublin: AngularJS!

HBC Tech JUN 27, 2014

Last month our NYC office hosted a free AngularJS class for our engineering team and ~50 of our friends from the NYC tech community. Now we’re bringing free AngularJS to Dublin! On Friday, July 11 join us as we spend the day learning all about this amazingly useful, open-source tool for developing web applications. Leading the way will be SidekickJS founder and AngularJS trainer Tim Ruffles. In this fast-paced, full-day...

Gilt Lunches With the "Father of Data Warehousing"

HBC Tech JUN 26, 2014

Recently Bill Inmon, known to many a data scientist as “the father of data warehousing,” stopped by the Gilt office in NYC–very cool! Mr. Inmon was in town as the featured speaker of “BIG DATA and Enterprise Architecture 2014,” hosted by the Data Management Forum, and swung by 2 Park for some vegetarian food and photo-taking. “He wasn’t shy about his feelings on some of the software we work with,”...

Inaugural Docker Dublin Meetup with Gilt!

HBC Tech JUN 26, 2014

Welcome Evan Wall!

HBC Tech JUN 25, 2014

Gilt Guest-Posts on Appium

HBC Tech JUN 25, 2014

When Code Blows up and You Don't Know Why

HBC Tech JUN 20, 2014

Rather frequently, our code has an error, but we don’t know about it because no error is logged in the console. We quite often don’t find out until we fall flat on our faces while trying to use the site.

Our Next Free Class at Gilt (NYC): Advanced Scala/Scala Libraries!

HBC Tech JUN 10, 2014

As part of our ongoing efforts to offer free Scala education to the Dublin and NYC tech communities, we’re hosting a free, full-day class on July 3 that focuses on Scala libraries! Targeted at experienced Scala engineers, the class focuses on safe and true abstraction with three of the typelevel.scala libraries: Scalaz, Shapeless and Spire. Teaching the class will be Stephen Compall, a longtime Scalaz developer whose Scala knowledge comes...

Some Sugar for Your sbt Dependency Graph

HBC Tech JUN 9, 2014

Since 2012 the Gilt engineering team has been using sbt to build and deploy microservices and webapps–from our newest Scala microservices to our most ancient Java applications. Microservices tend to have common functionality across the fleet, from Play Framework and Akka, to our own internal libraries. Dependencies (and their complex transitive dependencies) have always been challenging to understand and manage. Not surprisingly, the open source community has produced some tools...

Gilt Presents at This Week's DockerCon

HBC Tech JUN 9, 2014

DockerCon runs today and tomorrow (June 9-10) in San Francisco, and #gilttech is proud to be a part of it! Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek will present “Immutable infrastructure w/Docker and EC2,” a talk on our current efforts to move to the cloud and improve our disaster recovery capabilities. We’ll post the video from Michael’s talk when it becomes available; for now, learn more about our Docker work here....

Scala, Scalability, Open Source and More: Listen to Gilt on The Cloudcast!

HBC Tech JUN 6, 2014

Welcome Keith Eng!

HBC Tech JUN 5, 2014

Please join #gilttech in welcoming Keith Eng as our new Corporate IT Systems Engineer! Keith will build and optimize our internal corporate infrastructure in NYC. His work will involve designing and implementing our VMware server virtualization environment, Citrix XenApp 6.5 server farm, Digital Asset Management system and NetApp SAN storage arrays, analyzing our systems design and performance, diagnosing server/storage and virtualization issues, and many more essentials. A graduate of Stony...

Gilt Mobile & NYMAD Bring You a Night of Post-WWDC Hacking and Talks!

HBC Tech JUN 5, 2014

Fresh off their Webby Award win for best iPhone app (shopping), the Gilt Mobile team is partnering up with our friends at the New York Mobile App Developer meetup group for What Would Developers Code?: A Night of Post-WWDC Lightning Talks and Hacking. From 5:30 to 9 PM, all of you mobile developers out there are invited to join Gilt and NYMAD for some fun hacking on new tools unveiled...

Gilt's Special Ops Team Has a Mini Offsite

HBC Tech JUN 4, 2014

Today Gilt’s Special Ops team worked remotely from my apartment so we could wait for a special UPS delivery.* Formed earlier this year, Special Ops handles end-to-end (email to desktop to mobile) projects that don’t fit under the umbrella of other product-driven teams. Since January we’ve worked on projects related to customer service, holiday, business development, mobile, push notifications, and more. At the moment, we are working to make the...

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