Welcome, Nick Rogers!

HBC Tech JUL 25, 2014

#gilttech gives a hellaciously hot welcome to software engineer Nick Rogers, who joins Team Fire–the Dublin-based Gilt engineering team that’s currently focusing on SEO/SEM. Before joining Gilt, Nick spent five years working for a UX design and Development company, specializing in JavaScript applications and front-end development. “I do love working with JavaScript,” he says. “The whole front-end space has moved at a frantic pace over the last couple of years,...

Gilt Mobile Apps Now Make Shopping Faster by Remembering Your Sizes!

HBC Tech JUL 25, 2014

Gilt’s iPhone and iPad apps now allow our customers to quickly re-apply the size filters they have previously used. To filter a sale by your sizes, simply tap on the “Refine by Your Sizes” button. If you haven’t previously filtered by size on our apps, use the “Refine” feature to do so and the next time you visit a sale you’ll be able to use this quick shortcut.   In...

Welcome Felix Garcia Borrego!

HBC Tech JUL 24, 2014

Gilt is ecstatic to welcome Felix Garcia Borrego to the #gilttech engineering team in Dublin! Felix (to clarify, that’s him on the left) will join our Real Time Team and help us to take our real time event system to the next level using Amazon Kinesis and other cloud technologies. Originally from Seville, Spain, Felix worked at his own start-up for about eight years, building both mobile apps and web...

Designing a Responsive Navigation

HBC Tech JUL 22, 2014

As part of our efforts to make the entire Gilt website responsive, the first major component our team decided to focus on was navigation. Gilt.com’s existing navigation was already starting to feel overcrowded with user account links, so we knew that we wanted to minimize the number of elements, reduce its height as much as possible and bring more content above the fold. We also wanted to do a better...

Gilt Product Management and User Experience Guiding Principles

HBC Tech JUL 21, 2014

Gilt’s product and user experience team has identified five unique characteristics as the qualities that will define the Gilt experience wherever it’s consumed. We’re sharing them with you because our team intends to abide by these principles in understanding, ideating, creating, and coding the best customer experiences on all of our channels.  At Gilt, the product and user experience is: Customer-Guided. In everything we do, we must understand and connect...

Watch Last Week's Metis: Data Science Meetup (Video)

HBC Tech JUL 21, 2014

Here are Gilt’s Igor Elbert (Principal Data Scientist), Etsy’s Nell Thomas (Director of the Data Analyst Team), and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments” at the first-ever meetup of Metis: Data Science. Watch and learn more about Igor’s ideas of “the user interface of the future”!

"Connection: Where Emotions Drive KPIs"--a Talk by Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs

HBC Tech JUL 18, 2014

How does Gilt create connections with our millions of customers around the world? What is the difference between “personalization at Gilt” and “Gilt personae”? Who is “the Gilt customer,” and how does the Gilt team identify him and her? And how has Gilt used A/B testing to better serve our customers? Gilt CIO Steve Jacobs will address these and many other questions as the featured speaker of the NJ Tech...

Josh Suereth at Gilt

HBC Tech JUL 16, 2014

Here’s Typesafe Senior Software Engineer/Scala In Depth author Josh Suereth earlier this week at Gilt’s NYC office, teaching his sbt workshop. Josh spent more than two hours covering settings, configurations, dependency management, and other topics. More than 50 non-Gilt technologists from the metro NYC area joined members of our engineering team for dinner and the class. If you’re curious about sbt but couldn’t attend the workshop, check out Josh’s presentation...

Learn About Jedis and Redis From Gilt's Jonathan Leibiusky

HBC Tech JUL 15, 2014

Gilt Featured at Tonight's Metis: Data Science Meetup

HBC Tech JUL 15, 2014

Tonight marks the debut of Metis: Data Science, a brand-new meetup group for aspiring and practicing data scientists in NYC, and #gilttech is excited to be a part of it! Gilt Principal Data Scientist Igor Elbert will join Nell Thomas, Director of the Data Analyst Team at Etsy, and New York Times Graphics Editor Kevin Quealy in discussing their personal “data science passion projects and accomplishments.” Titled “Unleashing Data Science:...

Gilt to Host "MIT: Under the Dome," an Interactive Discussion with W. Eric L. Grimson PhD!

HBC Tech JUL 14, 2014

#gilttech is excited and honored to host a talk by W. Eric L. Grimson PhD, the Chancellor for Academic Advancement at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! On Thursday, July 17, we will present “MIT: Under the Dome,” an interactive discussion with Chancellor Grimson that will include a brief history of MIT and the breadth of the Institute’s impact around the world. Chancellor Grimson will also address MIT’s intention to liberate...

Learn About Scala+Android+Bluetooth Low Energy with the Dublin SUG!

HBC Tech JUL 11, 2014

A Great Turnout at Last Night's Docker Dublin Meetup with Gilt!

HBC Tech JUL 10, 2014

More than 90 Dublin technologists came out to Docker Dublin’s inaugural meetup, co-organized by Gilt! Here’s Docker Dublin founder/organizer John Zanchetta kicking off the event: And here’s Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek, the main presenter of the night, describing how our engineering team has been using Docker and AWS to deliver immutable software releases to production: The Docker Dublin group has tons of potential, and we’re very excited to...

Responsive Gilt.com: The Full-Screen Modal

HBC Tech JUL 9, 2014

In making Gilt.com responsive to the mobile device, the Special Ops team identified several responsive patterns that we relied upon to “responsivize” our site layout. Identifying these patterns early on helped us to more confidently make subsequent responsive-related decisions. For our fourth responsive-related blog post, I would like to share how we discovered and implemented one of our favorite design patterns that we identified: the full-screen modal. The Gilt iPhone...

Responsive Gilt.com: Selenium Edition!

HBC Tech JUL 7, 2014

In our last blog post on responsive design at Gilt, my colleague Greg Mazurek explained why we use in-selector CSS media-queries instead of blocks. The impetus for choosing this pattern was to make our code less brittle to future development. Today I’ll talk about how we’re applying the same principle to our testing practices. We’ve thought a lot about how we can design our code to minimize–even prevent–unexpected adverse changes...

Five Simple Lisp Tips Guaranteed to Boost Your Productivity

HBC Tech JUL 3, 2014

Lisp is an interesting language. Its emphasis on functional programming and properties such as homoiconicity make it quite different from other languages. Although it’s not suited for all developers, those who have experienced building large applications in other languages may appreciate the simplicity that Lisp provides. When I ask other developers for their thoughts on Lisp, the most common response I receive is, “Why are there so many brackets?” As...

Responsive Gilt.com: Block vs. In-selector Media Queries

HBC Tech JUL 2, 2014

This is the second of five posts the Special Operations team is sharing on what we learned while making legacy applications responsive to mobile devices. In our first post, we gave a high-level overview of how we organized a successful team retrospective. In this post, I’d like to dig a little deeper into the technology side of our work and discuss how to organize media queries. CSS3 media queries enable...

"Immutable Infrastructure with Docker and EC2": Gilt at Dockercon (Video)

HBC Tech JUL 2, 2014

Here’s Gilt Co-Founder and CTO Michael Bryzek at last month’s Dockercon14 conference in San Francisco, discussing how our engineering team has been experimenting with Docker to improve and simplify end-to-end continuous delivery of our micro-services architecture. Next week Michael will give an updated version of his talk at the inaugural Docker Dublin meetup, hosted at Engine Yard! Docker is releasing two videos per day from the conference–check them all out...

Gilt Watches the World Cup

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2014

A cross-functional team featuring the Gilt tech, marketing, HR, merchandising and finance departments gathers around the TV to watch the USA vs. Belgium World Cup match. As of this writing, the game’s still underway!

Happy One-Year Anniversary, Free Tech Courses at Gilt!

HBC Tech JUL 1, 2014

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